Kamis, 05 Mei 2022

SUSHI GO! Promo All Sushi only 10K++ /Plate

Promo SUSHI GO Terbaru Semua Sushi harga spesial cuma Rp. 10.000 aja. Berlaku hanya sehari khusus di tanggal 10 Mei 2022.

SUSHI GO! Promo All Sushi only 10K++ /Plate


Ebi-body gather around! SUSHIGO! is BACK with your favorite deal! We are maki-ng all sushi worth 10k/plate! Here are the informations you need to know:

1. Only available on the 10th May, 2022 (all day) on all Jabodetabek Outlets!

2. 10k/Plate for all sushi! (Before tax and service)

3. Available for Dine in only!

4. Dine in duration is 90 minutes

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